Hight school student`s prefecture

ProfessorSu-Der,ChenFood Engineering, Biochemical Engineerign, Microwave and Dehydration Processing
ProfessorShyi-Neng,Lou1.Identification, functionalproperties, application of phenolic compounds in citrus, mainly in kumquat and calamondin
2.Purine substances and its change of fishery and soybean product during processing
ProfessorHui-Huang, ChenDr. Hui-Huang Chen has been actively working in the food science area of research for the past 24 years. He has been the principal and/or research associate of more than 90 projects directly related to the marine food science, the manufacturing technique
ProfessorChing Zu, Chang1.Nutrition.
3.Food Processing.
4.Food Science and chemisty.
Professor and ChairmanShih-Bin, LinMicrobialEnzyme,AntimicrobialMaterials,
Genetic Engineering,Brewing Technology
ProfessorShih- Hsin,ChenFood Emulsion, Starch Processing, Food Nanotechnology, Food Engineering
ProfessorLi-Chen, ChenCell bioactivity,
Food microbiology,
Brewing technology
Associate ProfessorYung-Chung ChangFood Chemisty, Food Instrumental Analysis, Food Additives, Computer Appication in Food Technology
Associate ProfessorTsui-Yao, ChenFood Chemistry, Development of Nutraceutical prodcut, analysis of Functional components
Associate ProfessorE-Mean,Chiufood analysis,
food chemistry,
food Flavors, food lipids,
Associate ProfessorChung-Yi,HuangFood Microbiology;Food Sanitation and Safety;Food Fermentation
Associate Professor Wen-Hung ,HsuCereal Processing ,Food Engineering,Diet Survey
Assistant Professor Jin-Ru, HuangMangement of food safety and sanitation, Guidance and assistance of management of food factory, Researches of antimicrobial activity of chitosan

LecturerAi-Chen Pao1.food nutrition.
2.quantity food production.
3.bakery technology.
Assistant ProfessorChen, Yen-Hui Food Engineering and Processing
Bioconversion Technology
Bioprocess Engineering and Design
Experimental Design
Principles and practices of sensory evaluation of food

Course: Food Processing, Food Engineering Lab, Biochemical Engineering, Experim
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor
Associate Professor Lin- Huei,FerngFood Packaging,Food Engineering,Starch Processing Engineering

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor